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You learn something every day, and I learned a few things from Jill Whalen in her summary of the Top Ten Organic SEO Myths … Companies are getting familiar with business blogs now, and the next frontier seems to be video blog posts. ProBlogger Darren Rowse explains how to produce them … Though videocasting is hot, audiocasting is not. Alex Iskold poses the thoughtful question, will podcasting survive? … Here’s an interesting article by Andy Merrett from the Blog Herald reporting that 80% of Americans know what a blog is, and 50% of us visit blogs regularly. I was surprised at how high those percentages are, since blogs have only gone “mainstream” in the last couple years. These are important numbers for small and midsize companies, because they indicate that business blogs are understood and visited by a substantial number of customers … I admire bloggers who compile resource lists to make life easier for the rest of us. Thank you, Laura Milligan at Bootstrapper for pulling together 100 Resources for the Black Entrepreneur. Laura’s resources cover anything you’ll need for sales, marketing, inspiration, and managing your business … And finally, thanks to Lillie Ammann for compiling her list of blogs by and for writers. I’m proud to be on this list, because I’ve checked out all Lillie’s other choices, and I’m in some mighty fine company.