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Win an iPod nano in the Straight North Writing Contest

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How would you like to win an 8GB iPod nano? That’s a $200 value, my friend!

All you have to do for a chance to win is write a post based on this original Word Sell cartoon –


Your post can be about anything, as long as it’s inspired by the cartoon. You may see a sales idea in it, or something to do with marketing or writing. Or perhaps you see something that reminds you of your family or friends …

I got the idea for this contest from my blogging buddy Jeanne Dininni, who took one of my cartoons and expanded it into this incredibly helpful post on writing.

1. Post your entry by Friday, March 7, 5PM CST.
2. Please link to this post and shoot me an email (bshorr[at] so I don’t miss it.
3. Please feel free to use the cartoon in your post!
4. Please keep your post “G-rated”.
5. First prize — I’ll select one contest at random as the winner of the iPod and announce it with my summary post on March 10.
6. Second prize — A second random winner will receive his/her choice of two books from the Straight North Favorite Business Books List. LOTS of good stuff here.

The Catch
I need TEN (10) contestants to offer the nano prize. So please get out there and spread the word, because I’ve got money burning a hole in my pocket and I want to spend it on you. If we have fewer than 10 participants, the winner will receive the business books — still a darn good deal.

Hope this is all clear — if not, please let me know. Let’s try to have some FUN and pull some big ideas from a little cartoon.

(The cartoon was originally produced for Bill Welter, president of Adaptive Strategies and co-author of The Prepared Mind of a Leader.)

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34 Responses to Win an iPod nano in the Straight North Writing Contest

  1. Great idea for a contest, Brad–and a great prize, too! Hope you receive many entries!

    Now, let’s see what can be done with that cartoon….


  2. Great idea Brad – and a most generous prize. I’m afraid you’re going to have to give it away though – there’s sure to be at least 10 entries for this one :-)


  3. Looks like a great challenge, Brad. This is inventive, fun and will tap into the best of what we’ve stored away in our brains to come up with a creative solution for you.

    Thanks for extending us all this challenge.

  4. Hi Robyn, Jeanne, Joanna – can’t wait to see your entries. I predict quite a variety of perspectives!

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  9. Mine’s just posted, Brad!

  10. Very nice work, Robyn. Some of the funniest links I’ve seen in a long while.

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  13. Hi Brad
    This was fun! I’ve posted my entry. Thanks for the challenge.

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  15. Hi, Brad!

    Guess I should have left you a comment when I first put up my post. Well, here it is: my entry, too, is up! Now it’s safe for me to read everyone else’s entries. (Didn’t do so before, because I didn’t want my own entry to be influenced by anyone else’s ideas.) This is going to be fun…


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  19. Hello there I have just put my entry.. You can see trackback at Item # 18

  20. Thanks Dexter! Excellent job on your post. Who would have thought the cartoon makes a point about SEO? Not me.

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  22. Hi Derrick – in my book, short is sweet. Thanks for joining in and visiting Word Sell.

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  28. Thanks so much for the wonderful iPod, Rad and for this contest which challenged and inspired us all! may your generosity and encouragement to others come back a zillion fold! What a wonderful way to transport music – and now I have proof that it really does change brain waves. getting ready for yet another post on the topic! WITH THANKS – I can still hardly believe I won it and it is here!

  29. Hi Ellen, enjoy the music. Glad to hear you got the nano safe and sound!

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