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Valuable Reading on Writing and Blogging

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This Robert Hruzek post was chosen because the picture of the cowboy is hilarious.

David Meerman Scott explains how to write — and not write — a CEO or executive blog.

Jesse Hines exposes … Three Enemies of Clear and Direct Writing. Just say no to pontification!

Dangerblond blew me away with an incredibly high score on my vocabulary test. VERY well done.

From Logtrepreneur, the mother of all lists – 101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs. Categorized for easy browsing, the list includes resources for everything from invoicing to shopping carts to financing.

Another awesome list, from Khalid — 152 Dos & Don’ts of Business Blogging. The perfect checklist for anyone new to blogging or ready to take it to the next level.

Nancy Friedman loves to write about obscure and fascinating words, as do I. Here’s her exploration of a word I was thrilled to add to my vocabulary — bershon.

Robert Hruzek tells a story with several morals for customer service providers and providees.

This Brian Clark post, The Ready, Fire, Aim Reload Strategy for Social Media Success applies to many business activities beyond social media. If you wait to get all your ducks in a row, you’ll be waiting all your life.

Skellie’s 25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog fleshes out every blogging model you could possibly think of. It’s a handy self diagnostic tool — where does your blog fit? Do you have a clear strategy?

Jeanne Dininni is one of the best writers on writing. In this thoughtful post she challenges conventional writing wisdom … and wins!

Finally, Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty recently fired up his Sesquipedalian blog, a treasure trove of obscure yet functional words. I think you’ll like it.