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Twitter – What’s Your Favorite Non Person to Follow?

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The more I use Twitter, the more I like it. I mainly use it to …

  • Chat with friends
  • Exchange business oriented links and tips
  • Exchange links just for fun

But there seem to be a million other things to do on Twitter, including following some non-person Twitter identities (There must be a name for these in Twitter lingo – anybody know what it is?).

What helpful/fun non people are you following on Twitter? Here are a few I like –

So what else is out there in Twittersville?

P.S. Follow me on Twitter … (I’m just a people, though.)

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8 Responses to Twitter – What’s Your Favorite Non Person to Follow?

  1. Thanks Robert. Now I know what you’re doing all day! :) The Singapore traffic one sounds interesting … Definitely have to check that one out.

  2. Well, I don’t have time to follow that many, but there are a HUGE number of interesting Twitterers (is that really a word?) out there.

    Such as:

    @punoftheday (A groaner a day, guaranteed)
    @redswingline (Red Swingline stapler, presumably the one from The Office – or a close relative)
    @sgtraffic (Singapore traffic – and you thought Chicago’s was bad!)
    @marsphoenix (Did you know the Mars Phoenix Lander twitters? No, really.)

    I’m sure there’s about a bazillion others with *ahem* real value.

  3. Hi Brad! I also follow @marsphoenix and find it fascinating. Just started following @missingkids, which sends alerts about missing children. I retweet the tweets to help spread the word. I also follow @wholefoods, and the Red Cross. Hmm, come to think of it I follow a lot of non-people along with my people! lol!

  4. Karen, Using Twitter to send alerts on missing children certainly dispels the myth that Twitter is merely a silly diversion.

    Cath, I’m a Twitter newbie too. But I just installed TweedDeck (saw Karen Swim using it) and it really helps organize the ridiculous amount of information that pours in. You might want to try it.

  5. Hi Brad – I’m still learning Twitter and I had no idea there were non-people on there too. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. LGR – good one! Thanks.

  8. I like @xpnplaylist because I am always listening to WXPN at work and the playlist tells you the song playing and the artist as soon as it comes on!

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