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Secrets to Getting More Subscribers for Your Blog

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As a blogger, one of your chief goals should be to achieve a steady flow of regular readers. After all, continually producing high quality content takes a lot of work, and it can easily go to waste without a dedicated audience.

Aside from writing great content, here are easy tips for acquiring loyal, committed subscribers for your blog.

Make it Simple

Don’t bury your subscription options low on the page. Subscription forms and links on your webpages should be large and visible so that readers can easily subscribe via RSS feed or email.

Provide a Call To Action

This may seem obvious, but some readers may not even know that subscribing to your blog is an option. Include a clear call to action at the end of each post such as, “subscribe to our blog for regular feeds” to encourage your regular readers to become loyal subscribers.

Offer Incentives

Many bloggers have found that they can grow their subscriber list simply by offering readers something free.  This exclusive offer can take the form of an eBook, an article download, a report, an audio series or a coupon for one of your products or services.  The key is coming up with something that visitors will find valuable and enticing enough to make them want to subscribe.

Become a Guest Blogger

Another way to gain exposure for your blog and build your subscriber base is to write for other well-established blogs in your niche. Your guest author byline should include a link back to your blog, which helps drive more traffic and new readers.

Explain the Value of Your Blog

Improve your blog subscription rate by giving your readers a convincing reason to come back again and again. Clearly state the benefits of reading your blog, and demonstrate that there is value in subscribing to your blog.

Make Blog Content Easy to Share

You can acquire subscribers indirectly by making it simple for your readers to share your blog content. Include social sharing buttons with every published post so that your readers can easily promote your blog to their own Facebook pages and blog, which exposes your content beyond your current readers and subscribers.

Promoting your blog and generating loyal readers doesn’t have to be hard. With these simple tips, you should be able to establish a loyal readership for your blog in no time.


Kaitlyn Ytterberg is a writer for Officite, a leading provider of dental websites and online marketing. Officite specializes in Internet marketing and practice website design for all healthcare specialties, including pediatricians, podiatrists and dermatologists. Services span from SEO and social media to reputation management, blogging and mobile websites.