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Mobile Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Ready or not, mobile is having a big impact on your brand. Mobile devices have evolved a great deal in the past five years, and now you can’t go anywhere without seeing people affixed to their iPhone, Android or tablet device.

Appealing to this mobile audience means creating a mobile version of your existing website. Before you dive in, however, take these three mobile marketing mistakes into account. Avoiding them now can keep your mobile strategy on track and in front of your potential customers.

Number one: Thinking like a desktop and not mobile

To put it simply, the current desktop version of your website is not designed for the small screens of smartphones and tablets. Your mobile website should be more than just a condensed version of how your site displays on a PC. Mobile users are on the move, and if they are browsing the Internet for information about your brand, then they are likely seeking a quick answer or direct route to communicate with your brand. Your website must address the on-demand needs of this growing consumer base. Include only the most important information on your main navigation page to help users get to their desired information faster.

Number two: Neglecting to check your site’s mobile readiness

Never assume your website will display properly across all mobile platforms. If it looks and performs fine on a Blackberry, that doesn’t mean it will deliver the same user experience on an iPhone. Take these differences into account when developing your mobile site, and be sure to test your site on all mobile devices to ensure it’s easy for users to interact with your mobile platform in the ways you want them to.

Number three: Missing call to action

A mobile website is among the most powerful marketing mediums for eliciting consumer responses. As people find, connect and learn about your brand via their mobile phones, make sure the information they are presented with is actionable. This may include mobile-enhanced features that make it easy for users to contact you on the fly, such as click to call, direct emailing, instant door-to-door directions, social media sharing and reviews—all with a simple tap of a button.

Mobile users will outstrip the number of desktop Internet users by 2014, according to Morgan Stanley. As mobile opportunities increase for your business, so do customer expectations. Avoid these common mistakes, deliver a rich user experience on mobile platforms and expect your brand to grow as more and more people connect with your brand on the move.


Kaitlyn Ytterberg is a writer for Officite, a leading provider of doctor web design and online marketing. Officite specializes in Internet marketing and practice website design for all healthcare specialties, including dentists, podiatrists and cardiologists. Services span from SEO and social media to reputation management, blogging and mobile websites.