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Awesome Links for Small and Medium Size Companies

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Salvador Dali, street painting, Rome
Darlene McDaniel explains what it means to be a problem solver. Excellent advice for sales and customer service people as well as interviewees.

David Meerman Scott makes some important distinctions among the terms “Web 2.0 marketing”, “social media marketing”, and “social network marketing”. Like me, you may sometimes use these terms interchangeably and/or without knowing exactly what I mean. David clears it up nicely.

Robyn McMaster wrote this uplifting posts on the power of thanks that includes a quotation from my favorite author, G.K. Chesterton.

Matt McGee interviews John Tuggle, a guitar teacher who is succeeding big with Web marketing. Highly instructive for small businesses wondering how to take advantage of technology to grow!

Karen Swim describes passion in her usual eloquent style. Her passion post is the perfect pick-me-up if you’re pooped, pensive, or pessimistic.

Sonia Simone wrote an outstanding post on Copyblogger about writing a perusasive call to action. Must reading for any writer writing to persuade!

Andy Beal discusses how to manage negative reviews of hotels or small businesses. Whether your company has a Web site or not, you will find his advice enormously valuable.

Steven Brier put together a highly detailed explanation of how to optimize local business for free local directories. Another timely and instructive resource for small and medium size companies.

Todd Mintz might clear up the mystery of SEO with this strange post that compares the art of search engine optimization with Salvador Dali. Sounds implausible, but it actually makes a lot of sense and four stars for creativity!

Note: Photo is a chalk drawing of Salvador Dali we chanced upon one day on Via del Corso in Rome.