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James Bond Blogging Lessons and Keeping 007 Relevant in 2012

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Exploding pens and cigarette darts are a thing of the past. The latest (and even a past Bond says, best) Bond film, “Skyfall”, focuses on the brave new world where widespread damage can be inflicted over the Internet as opposed to inside a grand casino ballroom.

Don’t get me wrong: the casinos, car chases and high-flying train stunt tricks are all here, but so is the message that the Internet and digital tech world is much more powerful than Bond’s old box of tricks.

The biggest reason for this is 007’s new quartermaster, a young British bloke played by actor Ben Whishaw, a character known as… Q. Yes, folks, your old 85-year-old granddad doesn’t play Q anymore. Whishaw’s character introduces a new age of simple (but deadly) technology to Bond in the form of a gun and a radio. Yep, that is all. But it’s all 007 needs; both items are more technologically advanced than they appear. For one, the gun recognizes Bond’s palmprint, so no one else can fire it. How’s that for innovation?

The Bond franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and from the variety of leggy Bond girls to the (previously) old-school gadgets and memorable lines (“shaken, not stirred”, of course), it is still going strong, and then some. But how do the writers and director keep it fresh in today’s digital world? What basic blogging lessons can we learn from this particular excursion into the Bond universe?

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Don’t be afraid of change. Just because something is new doesn’t mean you should fear it. As Bond says in “Skyfall”, youth is not a guarantee of innovation. That is a fair point indeed, but being afraid of a new idea from a younger blogger who has something to offer is just plain silly. Give advice when it comes to marketing, blogging and the tech world . . . but also take it. Be aware of emerging trends in the tech and marketing sectors, from social media outlets and platforms to tips of the trade from business innovators and thought leaders. We are always learning, so. . .

. . .Never Assume You Know Everything

Bond often thinks he is just as strong and youthful as he used to be in 007’s latest outing, but even he eventually has to admit that times have changed (and sit-ups and pull-ups aren’t as easy as they used to be.) Entering a situation with too much confidence can sometimes backfire. Never believe that you know everything; you can always learn something new. Nobody likes a know-it-all, and no one wants to read a blog or do business with a person who acts elite or superior. Being relatable can at times be a challenge in the blogosphere, but accepting guest posts, responding thoughtfully to blog comments and working well with others can do wonders for your business. You will see measurable results with practice and patience.

Expect the Unexpected

A kidnapped vixen or knife-wielding baddie could be just around the corner. Sometimes you think you have complete control before the rug is pulled out from under you. You always have to be thinking, because there are others out there who are just as smart and motivated as you are about implementing modern business tactics and business tools. Don’t let your guard down, and always expect the unexpected. In this changing world, you have to roll with the punches and keep up with the changing business landscape. Utilize blogging resources such as the Google Trends Gadget to find out what people are searching for when they come to your blog. Embedding the gadget is as easy as grabbing the provided code. Stay ahead of the game and know what people want so that you can provide them with it.

Want to avoid succumbing to a modern Bond villain in today’s digital age? Check out this piece about how you can get creative when it comes to creating passwords that will keep hackers locked out.

Keeping Bond relevant in a changing world could have been an impossible task to tackle, but the team behind “Skyfall” did so in a way that was fresh and current. Even one of the most celebrated and enduring franchises tweaked their business model for the year 2012. What will you change about your business blogging approach come 2013?