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How Twitter Is Changing Business Blogging

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Twitter, Link Sharing, and the Evolution of Business Blogs

Blogs Evolve More Quickly than Humans!

Blogs Evolve More Quickly than Humans


Twitter is the big social media marketing story of 2009. Within the online marketing community, practically everyone is using Twitter and writing about it. A year from now, I believe hundreds of thousands of mainstream organizations will be using Twitter for all sorts of marketing and customer service activities.

Twitter is just too convenient and powerful not to be used.

Twitter is already having an impact on business blogging. Here’s what I’ve noticed – what changes have you seen?

Links. Twitter is a handy way to share links. As a result, I’m seeing less emphasis on “link posts” in blogs. The impact? Business blogs may not be as rich a source of inbound links as they once were. If that’s the case, seo and content optimization strategy will move in other directions to acquire inbound links.

Traffic. All these inter-blog links generated a great deal of traffic. But now, as links are being shared on Twitter (and a host of other social media sites), serious business bloggers must have a Twitter presence. Twitter participants are more inclined to share links with their followers and others within the Twitter community. The impact? No business blog is an island. A blog is a base of operations for marketing, and must be actively connected with other types of interactive sites.

Content. Based on the shift in link sharing methods, a blog post has to be extremely strong to merit inclusion in a blog “link post”. Similarly, a weak blog post has little chance of standing out on Twitter because of all the link noise. The impact? Quality content becomes even more important, which in the long run will make business blogs more respected and valuable as a source of information and influence. This is excellent news for organizations looking for a way to extend their brands, strengthen ties with customers, and attract new ones.

Over to You

How do you see Twitter changing the business blog landscape? I’d love to hear your comments here … or, hey – we can connect on Twitter and talk there.

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