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Friday Fun and a Little Link Love

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Business cartoon of the invention of bermuda shorts. King Solomon appeases disputants by cutting pants in half.

Being the dead of winter, I don’t know what possessed me to run this cartoon about Bermuda shorts, but there it is. I wonder what brain master Robyn McMaster and innovation master Fred Schlegel will make of this little known incident from King Solomon’s court.

Speaking of little known incidents, my sister recommended The Financial Lives of the Poets, by Jess Walter. Hilarious. Brilliant. Especially if you enjoy the lighter side of personal financial crisis in this wonderful recession of ours.

Last week I did a guest post on Search Engine People – thank you, Ruud Hein. The post is called Successful Blogging in the Real Time Search World. Times they are a-changing! No rest for the wicked, or for bloggers – we have to keep learning to keep pace, no doubt about it.

This week my Joyful Jubilant Learning post was published – The Unifying Spirit of Meditation. Writing coach extraordinaire Joanna Young thinks writing about meditation, SEO, and FarmVille makes me a Renaissance Man, but I think it makes me a Man with Too Much Time on His Hands.

A few of my favorite posts from this week. 25 Women That Rock Social Media, by Lee Odden. The Gift of Written Language, by Karen Swim. Anatomy of a Direct Mail Piece, by Deb.

My blogging friend Robin Dickinson is serving up great stuff Down Under. For instance, look how he asks just a few questions and sparks a fascinating conversation with How technology is killing the way we communicate.

Less is more.

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13 Responses to Friday Fun and a Little Link Love

  1. Friday Fun and a Little Link Love

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. Thank you for the link, Brad. And you know, I think you’re a Renaissance man too.

  3. Hi Deb, I’m just about old enough to remember the Renaissance, so maybe you’re right. :) Keep up those terrific blog posts – you’ve been on a roll for a while now!

  4. Hi Brad! Finally, I am actually on time for something this week, lol! Thanks so much for including my post. I love the cartoon and I am now very stoked to add The Financial Lives of Poets to my reading list and dig into the great posts I missed this week, thank you! Renaissance man? Yep, Joanna Young is a smart woman. :-)

  5. Hi Karen, You, my friend, are never late for the party: You ARE the party!

  6. Brad,

    Thanks for sharing all this great content! (Sorry I didn’t have time to comment on your Search Engine People post the first time I read it! Finally did that today.)

    Love the King Solomon cartoon!

  7. Thanks, Brad. I really love this format of post and look forward to seeing more of it. It’s a great way to catch what I’ve missed in the rough and tumble of the week. Well done!

    Robin :)

  8. Jeanne, Robin – It’s impossible to catch up on reading online, isn’t it? I’ll try to keep this up & hope others do something along these lines on occasion. Lately I’m wondering if we rely too much on Twitter these days for our reading selections (I know that’s not your issue, Jeanne!), but you can miss a lot focused only on Twitter – don’t you think?

  9. Ha! And as with so much innovation it is lucky the committee of complainers didn’t take more interest or the cuts could have gone a different way. Thanks for the mention Brad.

  10. A little fun from Man with Too Much Time on His Hands, @bradshorr:

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  11. Friday Fun and a Little Link Love

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  12. It really is hard to keep up with our online reading, Brad (not to mention our online writing)! Link posts certainly help by consolidating a great deal of helpful info in one place. Yet, even then, it’s hard to know how much we can realistically read (while retaining our sanity and maintaining a reasonable schedule) and how much we simply have no choice but to pass on (albeit reluctantly). It’s definitely a balancing act–and hopefully one we get better and better at and handle with greater and greater efficiency–the more practice we get!

  13. Brad,

    I love the first cartoon – though it took me a moment or two to actually get it.

    Wow, it sounds as though you have had a busy week!

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