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How to Prevent Blog Burnout

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Are You Excited about Your Blog?

Are You Excited about Your Blog?

Blogging is a long term proposition. Once the excitement of your new blog wears off, how will you maintain enough enthusiasm to crank out post after post? It’s a great question to ask yourself before you launch a blog, because unless you have writing in your blood – and sometimes even if you do – all that writing will burn you out. So here are some things you can do to prevent blog burnout and seeing all your hard work go up in smoke.

7 Blog Writing Tips to Keep Writing Exciting

    1. Form a writing team. Sharing the workload takes pressure off, creates opportunity for interaction, and quite often makes a blog more interesting. Many bloggers are open to writing regularly on other blogs because it keeps them fresh. If you’ve got a few people in-house who like to write, by all means involve them in your company blog.
    2. Plan your editorial calendar well in advance. There’s nothing worse than not having a topic for a post that needs to be published immediately. It is a surefire recipe for angst. One handy editorial approach is to set up 8-10 general topics in advance and keep cycling through them, with each post focusing on a different specific. I like to take an hour or two every so often, head over to Starbucks, leave my cell phone in the car, and sit down over a cup of coffee with my Moleskine notebook. Invariably, I’ll leave with 10 or 20 solid blog post topics on paper. That feels good.
    3. Solicit guest posts. If you can’t find or don’t want regular writers, invite bloggers to guest post. They’ll add variety to your blog and bring in new readers.
    4. Do interviews. The interview format bring dialog and life to any topic. For business blogs, interview opportunities abound – everyone is looking for an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Conducting interviews is also a great way to be generous – to help suppliers, stakeholders, and associates get some exposure. The spirit of generosity is what makes blogging such a special form of business communication, and it never goes unrewarded.
    5. Take a break. There’s no law that says you have to publish on a rigid schedule. If you need to recharge your blogging batteries – just do it! Your readers will understand, especially if they’re bloggers, because we all go through the same ups and downs. A lot of blogging pressure is self imposed; bloggers worry if they miss one scheduled post, their community will abandon them. I’ve never seen that happen yet.

  1. Brainstorm post topics. Do you know someone with whom you have great creative chemistry? Folks like that can be a stupendous source of inspiration. For me, SEO specialist George Ajazi is a go-to guy for post ideas. Fifteen minutes with him generally yields about 5 blog topics I never would have thought of on my own. So not only do brainstorming sessions work, they’re fun.
  2. Try something new. Study Joanna Young’s writing blog. She is brilliant at pushing the creative envelope, experimenting with new media, bringing new approaches to old topics, and applying traditional approaches to new topics. Nothing destroys writing quality like being in a rut. Don’t let it happen to you: take a new angle, make a video, do a podcast, try satire … there’s always something you haven’t tried.

Over to You

How do you prevent blog burnout? If you’ve had blog burnout – how have you recovered?