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Did I Really Send That??

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anger. hostility towards the oppositionImage by assbach via FlickrDid you ever give in to the temptation to compose a really nasty email – and then send it?

Joanna Young posed a similar question in one of her 50 blog post ideas. Her question was, did I really write that? Well, writing is one thing, but for me there’s a big difference between writing and publishing.

Writing can be a cathartic experience. Once in a while I calm myself down over a prickly issue by writing a snarky little blog post or email. Somehow or other, articulating my frustration has a calming affect. Have you ever experienced that?

HOWEVER. On those rare occasions when I impulsively send that nasty email or publish that snarky post, I’ve regretted it almost immediately. In the first place, after the dust clears I usually forget why I was so upset in the first place. Second, adding fuel to a fire invariably makes matters worse.

Communicating for the purpose of argument is fine, but it shouldn’t be done in anger. From now on, I’m training my finger to go from Snarky Save to Snarky Delete.

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