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Cartoon – Good Fun with a Bad Pun

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They say puns are the lowest form of humor, which is probably why I like them so much. Does that make me some kind of pun gent?

The key to successful punning is restraint. But rather than puntificate further, let me illustrate by subjecting you to the horror of a pun driven into the ground.

Have Some Pun with These Links
Looking for the worst pun ever? Paul Ding opens up a Pundora’s Box with his bottom 10 puns.

The pun also rises. Here’s a collection of exquisite literary puns courtesy of Warren Boroson.

Anyone who has read Henry IV, Part Pun knows that Shakespeare was quite the punster. Jem Bloomfield does a nice job explaining what the wily Bard of Avon was up to, in case you were pundering.

Practice Good Punmanship

  • The secret to writing good puns is using a puncil instead of a pen.
  • If your writing becomes infected by puns, go to the nearest writer’s clinic for a shot of punicillin.

Recommended Reading, Films, Etc.
Blade Punner
Peter Pun
Rebecca of Punnybrook Farm
Pun Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
On Golden Punned
The Puns of Katie Elder
Annie Get Your Pun
The Pirates of Punzance

This Pun for Hire
I’m not really looking to promote my cartooning and writing services here, but I can’t resist the opportunity to squeeze in one last pun pun.

Like I said, when it comes to puns, use restraint. Otherwise you come off like Attila the Pun.