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Can ConAgra Please Let Orville Redenbacher Rest in Peace?

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Do you think the new Orville Redenbacher’s TV ads are as creepy as I do?

The digitized version of Mr. Redenbacher now haunting the air waves looks like a cross between a zombie and a corpse. Definitely NOT appetizing.

Many years ago I sold industrial supplies to Orville Redenbacher’s. I never met the man, but every employee I worked with was wonderful. It was a blue, unassuming factory on a lonely stretch of US 30 just outside Valparaiso, Indiana. Redenbacher made an ideal spokesman–a down-to-earth, plainspoken Midwesterner with a product good enough to compete against the big boys. (Not completely accurate, since by then the company was owned by Hunt-Wesson, Inc.)

But still … Very appealing. Very appetizing.

Apparently ConAgra thinks if down-to-earth is good, six-feet-under-the-earth is even better. Wrong! It’s no longer David (Orville) versus Goliath (ConAgra, et al.). Goliath ate David, and now Orville Redenbacher’s is just another brand. End of story.