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Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

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Cell Hell

NEWS FLASH: Dr. O’Malley has just REDUCED THE PRICE of his new book, Cell Hell, to $9.95. Take advantage of this great deal and buy a copy now – you can still have in time for Christmas! It’s a funny book, and suitable for cell phone users of all ages.

Cell Phone Users and Abusers Contest Winners

Here we go …

TOP PRIZE, $500, GOES TOErica DeWolf Congratulations, Erica!

$100 WINNERSKaren Hanrahan, Jeanne Dininni, and Robert Hruzek

$50 WINNERSGary Viray, Damama T, and Debbie Yost, and Deb.

All winners were selected randomly by the author. Please contact him via email with your mailing address to receive your winnings.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating!

  • Cellphone Users and Abusers Contest Roundup
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20 Responses to Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

  1. Brad, thanks again for this contest! I may not have won, but I got more comments on my entry than I have (I think) on any other post… so thanks for inspiring me to write about cell phone abuse.

    I did have one question, though… weren’t there four $50 winners?

    Congrats to everyone who won!

    Aylad MacOdyss last blog post..Crazy birthday to me, crazy birthday to me…

  2. Hi Aylad, Glad the project helped your blog conversation – it seems to be a topic everyone has an opinion on. THANK YOU for the heads up – I just added Deb (Punctuality Rules, who was the other $50 winner.

    Brad Shorrs last blog post..Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

  3. Congrats to all the winners. As with all gwps, I just enjoyed being part of the group.

    I hope your sponsor Dr. O’Malley is happy with the results

    Jacob from Group Writing Projectss last blog post..Simply The Best: Group Writing Project

  4. Hi Jacob, We are both happy with the activity, but we really hoping for more book sales! Thank you for all your help – much appreciated as always.

    Brad Shorrs last blog post..Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

  5. Waahoo! A tip o’ the hat to ya, Brad! You really made MY morning! Hey, coffee and tea’s on me this morning!

    Robert Hruzeks last blog post..It’s a Snap!

  6. OOOh I am so excited !!! What fun to win – Brad thanks so much for alerting me to this project!!

    Mother Earths last blog post..Green Holiday Lights

  7. Robert, Karen – Merry Christmas! If you’re shopping for books, I know a good one (look up). “)

    Brad Shorrs last blog post..Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

  8. Congratulations to all prize winners – I look forward to reading some of the winning posts if I have a chance.

    Andrews last blog post..Must you pay on time when you’re short on cash?

  9. Brad, congratulations to all the winners and thanks once again to you and your sponsor for organising such a good competition.

    Joanna Youngs last blog post..Quotes on Simplicity and Writing

  10. Wow, Brad!

    This certainly is good news! Finally managed to escape my hectic weekday-morning routine to pop by your blog and check the status of the contest–and what a surprise I got!

    Thanks so much for running this contest! It not only gave us the opportunity to highlight an important issue, but it’s brightened the Christmas of quite a few people at the same time. (Staying up late to write that post certainly turned out to be worth it!) ;-)

    Congratulations to all the other winners!

    Thanks again!

  11. Wow this is great, great news! Thanks so much!! This will really help me out this Christmas. As a new grad student, I’m not making as much money as I did with my consulting.

    Thank you so, so much, again!!

    Erica DeWolfs last blog post..Today’s Cell Phone and Mobile Etiquette

  12. Andrew, Joanna, Jeanne, Erica – Thanks for stopping by and helping in one way or another to make this a lively project. I hope we all do a lot more of the same in 2009.

    Brad Shorrs last blog post..Announcing! Cell Phone Contest Prizes

  13. Debbie Yost

    Yippee! I can’t believe I won! Thank you for the opportunity. You’ve made my day!

  14. Congrats to the winners!

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Tap Social Media to Spread Happiness

  15. gary viray here!

    wahoo! I won! btw, any email addy to contact by the way? :)


    Busby SEO Tests last blog post..Sleep vs. Busby SEO Test contest

  16. Hi Gary et al, Sorry about that. I added a link in the post to the contact page on the author’s site. I was in a rush to get this post out and left off a few things. The email is mike[at]cellhell55[dot]com.

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  18. Way to go, Brad. I’ve followed this contest on Robert, Joanna, Jeanne, Lillie and other talented writers’ blogs and I saw it’s a good happy ending to all the contestants :)

    Maybe I should participate in the next contest?!

  19. Hi Brad, I missed the cutoff date but really enjoyed the entries. Congratulations to all the winners! Very nice Christmas or Hannukah gift! The book is really good too, a very funny read.

    Karen Swims last blog post..Help! – Not Just a Beatles Song

  20. Hi Wilson, Please do enter next time!

    Hi Karen – I was so looking forward to your post, but I may do a reprise on this theme … there seems to be much more to say.

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