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10 Outstanding Writing and Marketing Posts

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Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Good lessons to be learned in each and every one.

Personal Branding
Barbara Rozgonyi, Would You Rather Be Influential Or Popular

Content vs. SEO
Lyndoman, Content Content Content – Why it gets me Excited

Building RSS Subscriptions
Tibi Puiu, The 9 step ultimate guide on how to increase your subscribers

Content Strategy for Blogs
Steven Snell, To Gain Subscribers, Focus on What You Do Best

Personal Development, Inspiration
Karen Swim, The Sun Always Rises

Dawud Miracle, Are You on Your About Page?

Michelle Lentz, Playing by the Creative Common Rules on Flickr

Business Blogging
David Wallace, Common Excuses Companies Use For Not Having A Blog

Deb, Is It Tense in Here?

Andrew, Call Centre Etiquette – Just Tell the Truth